Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3849 - Chapter 923 - Taking Action

Chapter 923 – Taking Action

“Commander, why do I get the feeling that those chosen ones you mentioned are all looking at Guild Leader Black Flame?” Drifting Bean asked in confusion.

Whether it was the Holy Race’s Garuda or Demon’s Gate’s Elise, they were all existences that the Blood Wing adventurer team could not hope to get acquainted with. But now, Drifting Bean could clearly see that Garuda and Elise were scrutinizing Shi Feng. Her gut instinct as a fifth-floor expert also told her that the two were eager to fight Shi Feng.

Could he also be acquainted with these two people? Naturally, Endless Scars could also perceive the fighting spirit in Garuda and Elise as they looked at Shi Feng. It was obvious they regarded Shi Feng as an opponent. However, her common sense told her that this shouldn’t be possible.

Garuda was a Half-step Mortal God, while Elise was strong enough to match Half-step Mortal Gods. Despite having developed in the Greater God’s Domain for years, Endless Scars doubted her chances of victory in a fight against either of these individuals would exceed 50%. It hadn’t even been a year since Xia Qingying brought Shi Feng to the Greater World. No matter how quickly he improved, there was no way he could have caught up to Garuda and Elise already. After all, the two of them were backed by behemoths, while Shi Feng was backed by a Guild he had established only months ago.

Besides Endless Scars, Lunar River, who had arrived with a 4,000-man legion a while ago, was also looking at Shi Feng.

Is he still being stubborn? When Lunar River saw that Zero Wing’s team comprised only 600-plus players, she felt that Shi Feng was here to mess around.

Just the pseudo-apex powers present already commanded a combined total of over 1.5 million fifth-floor experts. Even a legion of 3,000 fifth-floor experts would have difficulties surviving in the upcoming competition, let alone a 600-man team. King’s Paradise was confident in securing four plots of land only because of its sturdy foundations. Otherwise, even if it participated in the competition with 4,000 fifth-floor experts, it would still leave with nothing but casualties.

“Vice Guild Leader, should we invite them to join us?” Shuoyun, a Level 235 Cleric in God’s Domain, asked quietly.

“It’s too soon for that,” Lunar River said after considering the matter. “We’ll invite them once they have trouble holding on.”

The rules of Everlasting City’s competition made it different from the average war between powers. In addition to restricting player levels to Level 220, the competition also had a 12-hour time limit. Only after the 12 hours were up would the occupants of each plot of land be decided.

As for how occupants were decided, it was simple. Once the competition began, all players on Everlasting City’s island would be considered participants and given an Everlasting City Token. The Token would drop on death, and whichever team held the most tokens on a particular plot of land at the end of the competition would become its occupant. In other words, the various powers’ members had to move about hunting other players throughout the competition. They couldn’t simply hunker down at a particular location.

To make matters worse, the participating apex and royal powers had already reserved a significant portion of Everlasting City’s 144 plots of land. This severely limited the space the pseudo-apex powers’ 1.5 million fifth-floor experts could fight in, so the various pseudo-apex powers would likely be embroiled in chaotic battles as soon as the competition began. In this situation, weaker powers with smaller forces would likely be the first to be eliminated.

On the other side of the island…

“Today is the best opportunity to learn about the trump cards of the three races’ major powers, so keep your eyes open! Do not miss the performance of any expert on the battlefield! Pay extra attention to the various powers’ chosen ones! They might become our greatest enemies in the future!”

“Make sure to keep an eye on our Guild’s chosen ones! Once you see the top experts of other powers approaching them, notify them immediately! This is the best battlefield for them to hone themselves! We must not let them die at the hands of old monsters!”

“Keep an eye on experts with great potential! All these people are our future assassination targets!”

“Make sure to record every battle, especially the ones between the various powers’ top experts! This is one of the few battles where the three races’ major powers will reveal their trump cards!

An arena for established experts!

A cradle for new-generation experts!

A treasure trove of information for the various powers!

At this moment, Everlasting City had become the center of the three races, and every participating power was employing all available means to benefit from the city’s competition.

As a dull bell ring echoed from Everlasting City, the translucent barrier covering the city disappeared, while a new translucent barrier formed on the island’s outermost layer. Immediately, the 1,000-plus pseudo-apex powers, 35 apex powers, and six royal powers on the island flew toward their chosen plots of land in a frenzy.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, which plots should we choose?” Kowloon Demon asked excitedly as he watched the members of the various powers take to the skies.

The forces of the various powers weren’t evenly distributed across Everlasting City’s 144 plots of land. Some plots had more players, while some had fewer. Some had stronger players, while some had weaker players.

However, regardless of which land Shi Feng chose, Zero Wing’s team would face at least 10,000 fifth-floor experts. Moreover, as these were all unknown experts, fighting them would be an absolute thrill.

“We won’t go anywhere. We’ll just watch from here,” Shi Feng said, observing the situation in the air. He wasn’t in a hurry to join in on the action. “We will strain our Stamina and Concentration if we join the chaos from the onset. We won’t get many city tokens, either, so we might as well take action after they are done killing each other.”

“Guild Leader, although your idea is sound, I’m afraid some powers won’t let us just watch,” Hidden Soul said, looking at a 2,000-man legion heading straight for their team. The legion was led by Crocodile Fang, who had been driven out of Desolate Star City because of Shi Feng.

Endless Scars, who had already occupied Plot 003 with the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s forces, also noticed the movement of Angel’s Retribution’s forces and frowned at the sight.

“That damned bastard! Rather than fight the aliens together, he’s targeting people on our side?! Is he not afraid the various powers will persecute him in the future?!” Drifting Bean gnashed her teeth as she glared at Crocodile Fang.

Originally, Drifting Bean thought the matter with Crocodile Fang was over after Frey’s intervention. She hadn’t expected him to appear here. Moreover, he even chose to attack Zero Wing as soon as the competition began.

In a clash between a legion of 2,000 players and a team of 600-plus players in an open space, Zero Wing’s team was overwhelmingly disadvantaged.

“Black Flame! You humiliated me in Desolate Star City! Now, it’s time for me to get some payback! I’ll show you that you are nothing without Frey!”

Crocodile Fang gnashed his teeth as he glared at Shi Feng. Then, he commanded his forces to annihilate Zero Wing’s team.

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