Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 2360 - Chapter 2360: Another Dao fragment discovered

Chapter 2360: Another Dao fragment discovered

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Lu Ming could not be bothered with these people.

Now that these people were in trouble and in danger, did they think of Lu Ming? He was saved by Lu Ming?

Back then, when the LAN family wanted to chase Lu Ming away, why did these people not stand up for Lu Ming? they even stood on the LAN family’s side.

He still looked down on Lu Ming and felt that he was weak.

Now that he saw that Lu Ming had become more powerful, he wanted to ask Lu Ming for help. There was no such good thing in the world.

Lu Ming and the other three kept moving forward and rushed into the door opposite the hall.

After entering the door, they found themselves in another corridor that led to the depths of the forest.

Not long after they moved forward, their expressions changed. In the corridor, there was also a corpse lying there. The body was dried up, and it was obvious that he had been killed by those bats.

The four of them didn’t dare to be careless and focused on defense.


Suddenly, a few black shadows rushed out from under the corpse and charged toward Lu Ming and the rest.

They were the black bats.


Lu Ming punched continuously, killing a few bats.

They continued to move forward, and sure enough, along the way, they would be attacked by those bats from time to time.

However, with Lu Ming leading the way, they were still able to move forward without any danger.

Along the way, they would occasionally see corpses of heaven realm beings and evil god race beings.

This Palace was very large. They went around a few corridors and passed through who knew how many rooms. Finally, they came to a huge Hall.

There was no one in the hall.

It seemed that they were the first to arrive at the hall.

In the air of the hall, there was a circular light screen, like a bubble, floating in the air.

When Lu Ming and the other three saw the items on the screen, their eyes widened!

A fragment of the great Dao!

The light screen was filled with fragments of the great path. There were at least dozens of them.

It was even more than what they had gotten last time.

The four people’s eyes immediately burned with passion.

A fragment of the great path was a priceless treasure outside. Any great emperor would be tempted. For great emperors, nothing was more precious than a fragment of the great path.

Emperor formless, Sky Fire Emperor, and huntian Emperor had been stuck in the one star great emperor realm for a long time, but after refining the three great Dao fragments, their cultivation had broken through.

One could only imagine how precious the fragments of the great Dao were.

One had to know that great emperors also had to face heavenly tribulations.

It was normal for many great emperors to not have any progress in their cultivation base during the heavenly Tribulation that occurred once every three hundred thousand years.

There was no progress in his cultivation, but the heavenly Tribulation would become stronger and stronger. In this case, he would die under the heavenly Tribulation sooner or later.

However, with the fragments of the great Dao, their cultivation could be improved. This way, dealing with the heavenly Tribulation would be much easier.

“Hurry up!”

The few of them looked at each other, and in a flash, they rushed toward the light curtain.

They had to collect all these fragments before anyone else. Otherwise, they would have to fight.

Lu Ming’s speed was the fastest. He approached the light screen in an instant and stretched out his large hand to grab the light screen.

However, when Lu Ming’s palm touched the light screen, it was as hard as an iron wall and blocked Lu Ming’s palm.

“It’s so hard!”

Lu Ming’s expression changed. The power of his entire body and the power of the law burst out and he punched the light screen.


The light screen shook violently, but it was not blasted open.

At this moment, Emperor formless and the other two also arrived. Their attacks also struck the light curtain madly. The light curtain shook violently, but it still didn’t break.

“Let’s focus on one point and break him with all our strength!”

Lu Ming said.


The three emperors nodded.

The law circulated on Lu Ming’s body and a long spear appeared in his palm. It was the infinite Dragon Spear condensed by the power of the law.


Lu Ming shook the infinite Dragon Spear and it began to spin rapidly. Like a drill, it pierced the light curtain.


Instantly, the light screen started to shake violently. The spot where the spear tip had pierced through caved in and rippled.


Emperor formless, huntian Emperor, and Sky Fire Emperor made their moves at the same time. They unleashed their strongest attacks at the spot where Lu Ming had attacked, causing the light screen to shake even more violently.

However, the light curtain was still not broken.


Lu Ming shouted and continued to attack.


The four of them continued to attack, and the light screen was shaking more and more violently.

After the four of them had made hundreds of moves, the light screen finally changed.


A cracking sound was heard from above.

The four of them were overjoyed. They immediately roused their spirits and launched a storm of attacks.

Kachaa! Kachaa!

The cracks on the light barrier were getting bigger and bigger.

The countless tiny cracks eventually turned into a huge crack.

The light curtain was about to be broken.

However, at this moment, a group of people rushed in from another passage in the hall.

There were a total of eight people.

“Lu Ming!”

Some of these people bellowed the moment they saw Lu Ming.

“LAN mo, the LAN family!”

When the eight people entered, they naturally alerted Lu Ming and the rest.

He didn’t expect to meet the LAN family here again.

“That is … Fragments of the great Dao, all of them are fragments of the great Dao!”

“Heavens, so many.”

“I must get it!”

Immediately, the eight members of the LAN family saw the fragments of the great path on the light screen, and their eyes shone with a brilliant light.

It was the light of greed, burning hot.

Especially the leader of the LAN family, LAN Kang.

“These fragments of the great Dao are mine!”

LAN Kang roared in his heart.


At this moment, Lu Ming burst out with all his strength. He became one with the spear and turned into a dazzling spearlight, piercing a crack on the light screen.

The light curtain was already full of cracks and was about to break. Lu Ming’s attack was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.


The light screen exploded.

Dozens of Dao fragments were revealed.

“Attack! The fragments of the great Dao are ours!”

LAN Kang roared and pounced toward Lu Ming and the rest.


Lu Ming took out the mountain and river diagram. The mountain and river diagram expanded rapidly. The mountains and rivers appeared inside and enveloped all the great Dao fragments.

In an instant, all the great Dao fragments were absorbed into the mountain and river diagram. Then, the mountain and river diagram turned into a ray of light and flew into the space between Lu Ming’s eyebrows, disappearing.


Lu Ming, Emperor notionless, and the other three retreated hastily, avoiding LAN Kang’s attack.

“Lu Ming, hand over the fragment of the great Dao!”

LAN Kang roared, his eyes filled with greed.

“We found it first, so it naturally belongs to us. Isn’t it ridiculous to hand it over to you?”

Lu Ming sneered, his expression one of mockery.

“Today, you have to hand it over even if you don’t want to. Attack!”

LAN Kang shouted. His eyes were very cold as he pounced toward Lu Ming..

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