Chapter 836 - Chapter 836: Returning To The Pure Yang Palace

Chapter 836: Returning To The Pure Yang Palace
The place where Yi Tian appeared was the inn where he had entered that place inexplicably. However, except for Yi Tian himself, there was no one else present in the inn now.

Looking around blankly, Yi Tian couldn’t believe whether his previous experience was real or a dream, but one thing was certain, that is, his body was now so strong that it was staggering. Absorbing the life essence of fifty thousand cultivators will definitely have an effect on him.

After all, he was the Yi Laomo of later generations. He was confused for only a moment and quickly determined the situation in front of him. Without saying anything, Yi Tian turned around and left this place immediately.

When he arrived at the secret place, Yi Tian took out the five-colored stone and began to measure his postnatal spiritual roots. Soon, a smile appeared on Yi Tian’s face, the postnatal fire spiritual root was at full value, and the spiritual roots of several other attributes were greatly improved. Although it is not at full value, it is enough to meet the requirements for cultivating other cultivation methods.

Without anyone following him, Yi Tian was completely ecstatic. He originally thought that it would take more than ten years or even decades to improve his spiritual roots, but now he no longer need to. He can start cultivating right away, and then seek revenge on those enemies who destroyed his family.

Watching Yi Tian leave, Yang Chen’s figure never appeared again from beginning to end. All fifty thousand disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect have been killed by Yi Tian, ​​and their bones have become fertilizer in the medicine garden. In a few more decades, no trace will be left.

At this point, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s last remaining reserve force had been completely destroyed by Yang Chen, leaving no trace behind.

The friendship with Yi Tian was just before his death in the previous life. This time Yang Chen sent him 50,000 cultivators to kill, and he had already repaid all the friendship. As for how Yi Tian will develop in the future, will he become the demon of everyone in the immortal world again? Changing into Yi Laomo has nothing to do with Yang Chen. There is no more karma between the two of them.

Yang Chen had been away alone for eight years, and it was time to rush back to the Pure Yang Palace to continue his cultivation. When Yi Tian walked away, Yang Chen didn’t pay attention to his whereabouts, he directly launched the shuttle and flew towards the Pure Yang Palace quickly.

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling have returned to the Pure Yang Palace first, but the two women have been very tight-lipped and have not told anyone where their family of three went when they besieged the Greatest Heaven Sect. All the good things obtained, including the storage space left by the Greatest Heaven Sect, have been collected by Gongsun Ling’s geographical map of mountains and rivers. The contents inside were also kept secretly by the two of them, without any clues being revealed.

Without the overt and covert suppression of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the Pure Yang Palace has truly ushered in its golden age of development. The spiritual power affected by the everlasting universe origin suppression great formation has completely returned to normal one year after the incident. All the disciples of the Pure Yang Palace began to immerse themselves in cultivation. It seemed that they did not want to participate in the follow-up events after the Greatest Heaven Sect was destroyed.

In the years since Yang Chen left, there has been a mad pursuit in the cultivation world targeting the remnants of the Greatest Heaven Sect and those sects that originally took refuge in the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Those disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect who were not in the Greatest Heaven Sect when they were destroyed have all become public enemies of all cultivators. Even the craziest demons who were chasing after them back then seemed not to have the same energy as they do now. After all, chasing and killing demons back then was just a matter for dao sects to eliminate demons and protect the dao, but now the remnants of the Greatest Heaven Sect are the targets of everyone, regardless of dao sect or demon sect.

The small sects that used to rely on the Greatest Heaven Sect for dominance and prosperity were also subjected to crazy revenge, and the extermination of sects happened almost every day. The smart ones immediately changed sects and joined other major sects, while those who were usually arrogant were uprooted.

What remains are only some sects secrets who have invested in the Greatest Heaven Sect’s name but have never made it public or shown any connection with the Greatest Heaven Sect. However, these people can no longer make any waves, and they no longer even dare to say that they are related to the Greatest Heaven Sect. Some secretive sects even directly eliminated a group of parties who had contacted the Greatest Heaven Sect, completely eliminating evidence related to the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Rarely, the dao sects, demon sects and monster race did not attack each other. They restrained their respective disciples in a measured way, and developed tacitly. The cultivation world has ushered in the most murderous yet peaceful period. Naturally, the targets of the killing are the remnants of the Greatest Heaven Sect, and the ones who are peaceful are all the other cultivators.

The Pure Yang Palace was inconspicuous in this tide, and even the benefits it received were very ordinary. However, the top brass of the Pure Yang Palace were not dissatisfied at all. On the contrary, after the Greatest Heaven Sect was wiped out, the top brass had a collective drinking celebration. Even the usually cautious palace master showed his rare satisfaction and fell drunk.

Yang Chen’s return also did not stir up any waves. After meeting with the palace master and a group of elders, the core elders no longer gave any instructions to Yang Chen. Yang Chen decided to do whatever he wanted to do without any interference.

As for the absence of Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling during the siege of the Greatest Heaven Sect, no one even bothered. Only the master of the palace raised the corners of his eyes when he received Yang Chen to pay his respects, seeming to show some inquiring intention. Yang Chen nodded secretly, and the two of them tacitly said nothing. However, that day, the master of the palace and the core leaders found an excuse to get drunk and seemed very happy.

Speaking of which, this time the Greatest Heaven Sect incident happened, the palace master also indirectly gained some benefits. At least the missing elder Wan Qian of the Blue Cloud Sect has been attributed to the name of Li Liheng, the young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Wan Qian also belongs to the category of beautiful and highly cultivated female cultivators, and she has directly become the subject of the free demon heart sutra.

The female cultivators who disappeared during that time were far more than those found in the Greatest Heaven Sect. At least twice as many people lost their lives due to previous plundering or subsequent manipulation by Li Liheng. Because of the existence of the demon sealing formation, the person with the natal spirit tablet cannot be found, so Wan Qian’s natal soul tablet sect has been destroyed. From now on, there will be no Wan Qian in this world, and no one will trace the whereabouts of Elder Wan Qian.

The beautiful Dacheng stage master who was in charge of the palace became a disciple of the Pure Yang Palace. Anyway, she listens to the command of the palace master in everything, and there will be no further trouble. Of course, the head of the palace never knew Wan Qian’s true identity from beginning to end, and he never regarded her as any trouble.

When Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling saw their husband returning, they were smart enough not to ask Yang Chen a word. They only knew one thing. After their husband’s trip, the 50,000 disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect would never appear again, it was enough to know this.


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