Chapter 3371: Pleasing

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The Xia family was benevolent. That was why they were still standing after experiencing so many storms. Benevolence was the highest standard of traditional morals. It was also the rule of the Xia family. Only by doing so could the family last and prosper.

Then, Ye Jian heard the matriarch’s kind voice. “Did you and Ah Yuan just return to the capital city? You don’t have any gifts for the new year, right? How about this? I’ll get the chauffeur to send them over now.

“It’ll take some time for you to go from the military to Dan Gui Garden. Our house is closer to Dan Gui Garden. We’ll meet at the entrance of the park. Jian, what do you think of my arrangement?”

She didn’t forget to ask Ye Jian for her opinion.

Before Ye Jian could reject, Xia Jinyuan said, “Sure, then I’ll have to trouble you, Grandma. My father knows what the old man and my future father-in-law like. Leave it to my father. You can go to the side and guide my father. With your professional guidance, I’ll feel more at ease.”

Matriarch Xia laughed heartily at home. She said to Commander Xia, “Did you hear that? Little Six asked me to guide you. Little Six is meticulous. He’s worried about letting you arrange these things.”

“With your guidance, I’ll feel at ease.” Commander Xia didn’t scold his son directly this time. He indeed needed Matriarch Xia to help make arrangements. He was a man, so he was afraid of making a mistake. It wouldn’t be good if he lost his manners.

Ye Jian didn’t even have the chance to reject them. No, it should be said that she couldn’t pass her words of rejection to Matriarch Ye. Xia Jinyuan had raised his cell phone high. She couldn’t reach it even if she jumped over to snatch it.

Lieutenant Colonel Xia, who wanted to please his future father-in-law and the old man, didn’t want to visit empty-handed in the first year. Even if his future father-in-law didn’t care, he would feel embarrassed.

Afraid that there would be variables on Ye Jian’s side, he said goodbye to the matriarch and the old master. He ended the call and said to Ye Jian, “We can leave for Dan Gui Garden now. Don’t let the driver wait too long.”

Ye Jian, who had been pulling his sleeve and saying things like, “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. There’s really no need…”, chose to listen to the matriarch’s arrangements.

Her eyes were slightly red as she said to Xia Jinyuan, “Grandpa and Grandma are kind and magnanimous. We can’t be rude. Let’s split the three-day leave. Come to my house tonight. I’ll go home with you tomorrow afternoon.”

There was no need to ask Xia Jinyuan for his opinion. Ye Jian made the decision.

She could still make the decisions for these things.

“Why are you crying?” Xia Jinyuan held her slightly cold hand and used his other hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes. He smiled and said, “You came to my house during the new year. You can only be the daughter-in-law of the Xia family for the rest of your life. You can’t run away anymore.”

It was as if she didn’t want to be the daughter-in-law of the Xia family.

Ye Jian, whose eyes were still filled with tears, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing what he said.

The tears she had been holding back came streaming down. She didn’t need to wipe them herself. His warm and slender hand had already wiped them away from her. She even heard him teasing her, “Why didn’t I realize that you loved to cry in the past? You’re even crying on such a good day. When we return to Dan Gui Garden later, Grandpa and Father-in-Law will think that I bullied you.

When the time comes, they’ll use a broom to chase me out of the house. You have to defend me, understand?”

“I’m not running away. If I wanted to run, I’d run to your side. I’ll never run anywhere else.” Her eyes were like water as she glared at the fellow who made her laugh. They had known each other for so many years, but he still liked to tease her as much as before. “If my father really wants to chase you out with a broom, I won’t persuade him..”

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