1168 Time Goes On

Kana smiled helplessly at the tantrum that Nikkie was having. She patted Nikkie's hand and looked at her with a gentle expression. "Nikkie, listen to your mom and go home. I will see you tomorrow."

Nikkie pursed her lips and looked up at Kana. Seeing her eyes that said it would be okay, Nikkie finally let go. "Mm…. If Kana says so, then I will."

"Then see you tomorrow, Nikkie!" Kana patted Nikkie on the head before running off to her own mother. "Mama!"

Later that night….

"Mm…" Kana tucked her feet underneath her as she looked at the screen filled with 1s and 0s. "This should do it. I already made a Swiss bank account, so all my money is offshore, and by bouncing the money around multiple times through different countries, it will all be sent to the account without any trace of where it came from. Sorry, Mr. Pezos, but it seems you will be losing your billions in a single night." In another city, a bald headed man sat in his chair sipping wine when his phone suddenly went off. He smiled, knowing it would be another few million in his account, but as he lifted his phone and looked at the message, his entire head turned pale. The glass of wine in his hand slipped to the floor and shattered, sending glad and wine all over the place. "How? How is this possible!? All my accounts…. Every last one? Even my stocks!? No…. No!" His phone suddenly rang. He did not even look at it as he answered with a lifeless expression. "Hello?"

"Hah! Pezos! I thank you for allowing me to pick up your companies. To think you would sell all your shares, dropping the price per share down to 3 bucks. I got them all cheap. Now, I own all of your companies! Hahaha!" The man on the other end laughed so hard he started choking.

Pezos looked at his phone to look at the caller's name and gritted his teeth when he saw the word enemy. His only enemy in this world. Bline Dusk! "Damn you!"

"Haha! No need to thank me, but damn, to think your issue was quickly spread. If I was not notified of this, I would never have known you were selling everything. Maybe now I can start my space company! Hahahah!"

- - -

That night, Kana slept very well. She already knew what she wanted to do and how she was going to do it. With her new fake identity as Marry Potters, she planned to run quite a few different websites for online shopping and make a few games that would be very popular.

The next day at school, Kana had just stepped out of the car when a voice echoed through the sky. "Kaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

Nikkie came running over at full speed, crashing into Kana, who stood her ground and caught the silly girl. Nikkie hugged Kana tightly as she nuzzled her nose into Kana's chest. "My Kana energy has been recharged! Now I can last the rest of the day."


Nikkie came running over at full speed, crashing into Kana, who stood her ground and caught the silly girl. Nikkie hugged Kana tightly as she nuzzled her nose into Kana's chest. "My Kana energy has been recharged! Now I can last the rest of the day."

"You are too overdramatic." Kana flicked the silly girl's forehead with a warm smile.

Kana's days continued on like this. As the days passed, so did the months and years. She went from elementary school to middle school and now was entering high school. Her grades were always number one in her grade. She had met many people during this time and even had been asked out, but she turned them all down. But now Kana was sixteen years old and also an older sister. "Sissis!" A little boy clung to Kana's leg, not wanting to let go. "Tommy, you need to let go. Mama and Papa look as if they are going to cry." Kana gently stroked the top of the little boy's head. Ever since he was born, he had been attached to her. It was like when a baby chick imprints on the first thing it sees.

"Sissis, will stay?" Tommy's big eyes looked up at Kana. She felt he looked like a little puppy begging her for attention. She sighed and knelt down, and lifted the little boy up. "Tommy. Listen to Sissis and be good. I will come home after school. But for now, I have to go to school. It's just like it was last year and the year before. Didn't Sissis always come home?" Kana asked in a soft, gentle voice. Tommy nodded his head before kissing Kana on the cheek and hugging her neck. "I will be good and wait for Sissis."

"Good boy." Kana smiled and kissed his nose before handing him over to Gina. Both Gina and Jay smiled warmly at the two. They were glad the two siblings got along, but what made them worry was that it seemed their son was Kana's child and not theirs! It was more like they were the nannies! At home, Tommy would follow Kana around. He would sleep with her, bath with her, and spend all day in her room. Even if she was studying, the little boy would quietly draw, just happy to be near her. It seemed Kana's hundreds of years of being a mother still oozed out of her, making her much more attractive to the young.

"Kana!" Nikkie waved her hand excitedly as she ran over to Kana and hugged her. "We are in the same class!"

"Oh? Seems someone pulled some strings again." Kana looked over at Gina, who quickly looked away.

"Mama, thank you," Kana said with a sweet smile.

"My baby should always have someone with her. And Nikkie is a good girl." Gina really liked Nikkie. Since she was young, she had never once fought with Kana, and the two got along as if they were twin sisters.

"Hehe. I will see you all after school. Nikkie and I need to go in." Kana hooked her arm with Nikkie and walked through the school gates. She raised her hand and waved as she did.

After they passed through the gates, Kana asked in a low voice: "How was it?"

"We topped over ten billion in profit last night. Although that bastard Mitchell is trying to take some of our profits." Nikkie brow wrinkled.

"Don't worry. Just follow the plan. He can't touch our profits. If he does, we will take him out."

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