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Chapter 4712 - Chapter 4712: Don ‘t You Have Any Psychological Trauma?

Chapter 4712: Don ‘t You Have Any Psychological Trauma?

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Not knowing how much time had passed, Liu Buyan finally recovered from his nauseous state and told Huang Yueli and the rest about the following situation.

After Xuan Qingling brought Liu Buyan out of that small courtyard and arrived at a safe place, Liu Buyan had originally decided to leave immediately.

He was not someone who liked to meddle in other people’s business. The Black Tortoise Clan was a colossus that he could not afford to offend. It was not easy for him to save his life. If he did not slip away, would he still wait to be captured and skinned alive?

However, just as he bade farewell to Xuan Qingling and was about to leave, Xuan Qingling suddenly trembled and fell to the ground with a crash.

This commotion gave Liu Buyan a fright and when he turned back to take a look, he realised that Xuan Qingling’s face was flushed red and her entire body was sweating profusely. Clearly…lt was the symptoms of the Spring Fragrance Powder acting up again!

Liu Buyan hesitated for quite a while but he still didn’t leave Xuan Qingling alone. Instead, he tried his best to use medicine to help her temporarily control the Spring Fragrance Powder in her body.

“So, Senior Brother, you’ve been staying with Xuan Qingling? It’s been two to three months since you met, right? Have we been hiding together?” Huang Yueli’s heart almost couldn’t move from laughing but she couldn’t show it on her face, so stifled that she was about to suffer internal injuries.

Liu Buyan frowned slightly. Although Junior Sister was asking in a serious manner, but for some reason, he felt that this little fox seemed to be plotting something..

“Isn’t that so?” he said seriously. Later on, I discovered that what Young Miss Xuan was poisoned with shouldn’t be an ordinary Spring Fragrance Powder.

Although the Spring Fragrance Powder is very potent, it usually only lasts for 24 hours. After this period of time, it will return to normal. However, Young Miss Xuan will act up once every three days!”

“Junior Sister, think about it. Young Miss Xuan is a single girl. Moreover, I don’t know who in the family has secretly harmed her. She doesn’t dare to return to the Black Tortoise clan and is wandering outside alone. The medicine will take effect every three days. Sigh, I originally wanted to separate from her, but seeing her like this, how could I leave? What if Xuan Qingling meets some evil people and is lustful?”

“Don’t you think so, Junior Sister? As a man, how can I abandon such a girl? If word gets out, can I still live? I just wanted to help her, but those people from the Black Tortoise Clan were deliberately looking for trouble. They insisted on treating me as Xuan Qingling’s man…”

“During this period of time, we’ve been hiding from the Black Tortoise Clan’s pursuers. We usually stay in the wilderness and rarely enter the city. This time, it’s because I’ve used up all the herbs I have, so I have no choice but to enter the city to purchase them. “I even specially went to the medicinal herb shop in the slums. I didn’t expect that I would still be targeted by the Black Tortoise Clan. Fortunately, I met you guys…”

Speaking till here, Huang Yueli had already figured out all of Liu Buyan’s experiences during this period of time.

She stared intently at Liu Buyan, her eyes filled with interest.

He really couldn’t tell that Divine Doctor Liu was known for his suave style in Soaring Heavens Continent. He had not expected that after arriving in the God Realm, he had become so pure and innocent. Didn’t he realize that his attitude towards Xuan Qingling was not ordinary?

As expected, no matter what kind of man he was, when he met a woman he truly liked, he would become stupid.

What ‘responsibility as a man’ …He wasn’t related to Xuan Qingling, so how could he be resoonsible?

Wasn’t it because he couldn’t let go?

But Liu Buyan’s taste was really quite heavy?

He and Xuan Qingling were fated to be in a sh * t, yet they actually met? Did they not have any psychological trauma?

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