Chapter 218: 218

Chapter 218 : The Oracle (1)

In the end, both young women accompanied the group back to the chapel, and thanks to Vivian's strong selling skills they willingly became members of Mystic Tower. Vivian on the other hand was delighted. She could make great use of a Slimeoid and Water Mage in her midsts. According to the other woman, the pale one with reddish eyes, she too was being stalked by someone, though she had no idea who.

In the end both women were in the same situation and a Water Mage was a healthy addition to the chapel as well. Slimeoids were known for their resistance to physical damage of all types. They also possessed invulnerability to status ailments and affects such as paralysis, poison and the like.With abilities like that Suina Brooks, the young woman in question, would make a great "tank" when paired with traditional magic users. Though she had yet to reach first rank, Vivian actually preferred this. She could take the time to properly mold the young woman into a proper adventurer, thus "protection" was a small price to pay.

Likewise the Water Mage named Kara Pembra was an even stronger addition to Mystic Tower. Specialized magic was rare in Adventia, and most importantly powerful. A person who specialized in a single aspect of magic had several benefits going for them, the ability to rapidly increase their mastery over a magic element.

The ability to acquire unorthodox magics associated with said element and even ways to further augment or enhance their magic. All of these were often above average with specialized mages, or as some called them "focused magic users". Though Kara was already a first rank adventurer, it was still possible to have Oliver help with her growth as an adventurer. Along with the other three recruits Vivian had managed to do enough to wipe the bitter taste of today's Twilight Festival from her mouth.

"Quality over quantity." She kept saying to Oliver as the two spoke in her office. She was just about to begin detailing her plans for the chapel when a knock on the door interrupted.

"Come in." The kitsune said as she made herself comfortable behind the desk.

Moments later both the Scribe and Succubus walked through the door, their expressions couldn't have been more different when compared to one another. Katrin seemed worried, despite the smile she tried to outwardly present. Agni, on the other hand, looked agitated.

"What's wrong ladies? Didn't drink enough alcohol this year?" Oliver asked. Being keenly aware of their moods he tried to lighten the mood. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, this was not the proper moment to do so.

Neither woman reacted, instead their respective expressions deepened even further. Even Oliver was forced to show concern.

"What's wrong?" He asked, stepping aside so that both young women could take a seat near Vivian's desk. Both sat down without a word as they prepared to discuss with their Doyenne the events which transpired earlier in the night.


"Well then. It looks like you're ready." The dark skinned man said as he focused his gold-colored eyes upon the woman before him. She was notably shorter than he, almost making her look like a teenager than the adult she was. Tawny colored skin with short, lavender colored hair and cherry colored eyes gazed back at him. Her clothes were in tatters, holes in various places were a testament to her activities the past three months. Although, if Zero was to be believed, only a few days had passed so far...

She had no reason to doubt the man's words, after all she'd seen a fair share of his power for herself during their "training" sessions.

"Am I ready? You tell me." She asked in response to his question.

"Hmm. I think you're good, for now. You've reached rank one in both of your classes, so for all intents and purposes, you could consider yourself as strong as a rank two adventurer. If you consider your atma, then a mid-range third ranker."

"Oh, speaking of which.." Zero said as he flourished his hand in the woman's general direction. A faint glow of white light wreathed the woman in light then condensed into a small orb of magic. This orb floated towards Zero, landing in the palm of his hand before it disappeared, absorbed into his body.

"I'll need that doll back. It was a loaner." Zero said as he gave off a pleasant smile.

"But, opportunities are all around. You can make your own dolls. How many can you activate now?"

"Just two." She replied.

"Oh, that's right. I guess the one I gave you was pretty gifted." He replied.

She rolled her eyes, aware that it was his way of fishing for a compliment.

"Yes, it helped immensely when it came to controlling multiple dolls. In the future I'll make great use of that knowledge. Thank you Zero." She said, offering her sincere gratitude.

Zero nodded as a beaming smile spread across his face.

"So Oracle , have you decided on a name just yet?" He asked.

"I think I'll keep the one from my past life.Dora. Short for Isadora." The woman replied.

"A gift from Isis. Very nice." Zero commented, in reference to the meaning behind the woman's name.

"Indeed. And fitting, don't you think?"

"Mhm. So, we should spar one more time." Zero said.

"Why?" Dora asked, her eyebrow raising quizzically. According to Zero she'd done all of her training up to his standards.

"Because using divine power in the 'real' world is a bit different than the training realm we just came from. If you're not careful you can damage the environment and injure others inadvertently."

"Hmm. Fine. I need a doll though. Why'd you take yours back?"

"Because it's made of pure atma. It will be more difficult to control properly and therefore less beneficial to you. Training is done, this is mostly an...adjustment exercise." Zero responded.

"Besides, this is a perfect opportunity to create your own doll." Zero added as he motioned to the surrounding environment. Dora glanced around, taking in the scenery. They were back in a nameless forest filled with grand trees and overgrown shrubbery.

"What exactly would I use to make a doll from this place?" She asked, her doubt beginning to blossom.

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