1153 Farewell

Wang Wei had to resist every instinct in his body not to use his Immeasurable Emperor Ability and asked Grand Dao about his Fate Seed Mark. However, he had to stop himself since he did not know whether Grand Dao could be objective and fair. Logically speaking, it should have been an anomaly for Grand Dao to act out of character, out of anger - but he could not know for sure, and that was driving him mad.

Wang Wei exhaled to calm down. He entered deep into his Sea of Consciousness, bypassing the new security measures he created to prevent Mind-readers from spying. He condensed one of his Spiritual Particles into an avatar/spiritual self.

"You and I are one, right?"

"Of course," the avatar nodded.

"So, you know me the best?"

"That's for sure."

"In that case, your task from now on is to monitor all my actions and pick up on signs that I'm slipping - signs that I'm being assimilated," Wang Wei ordered.

"No problem," the avatar nodded. "It might be best for me to strip myself of all emotions so I can be more like a machine and observe you more from a data standpoint."

"That's not a bad idea," Wang Wei agreed. "Plus, it's probably best if I left all memories of this conversation with you."

"With your tendencies, you might indeed try to manipulate the data if you knew someone was observing you," the avatar agreed.

"How about this: We will have regular meetings to compare the data about my behavior. During this meeting, you can temporarily give me back my memories and take them away after it's done," Wang Wei suggested.

"That's fine. Do you have any idea how long each meeting should be? Every million years? Yuan Epochs?"

"You can decide, but take into consideration when I'm in seclusion and such," Wang Wei replied.

"Of course, but what if there is an emergency? Like, the data showed a drastic change in personality and behavior?"

"In that case, I'm permitting you to contact the people around me for an intervention. Tell them the truth and expect resistance."

"Very well." Wang Wei raised his hand to use a technique - [The Fate of Heaven] to bless the avatar with some power of Heaven Dao. Then, the latter's eyes became cold and indifferent as he stripped himself of all his emotions. A green orb flew out of Wang Wei's soul before he left this part of his Sea of Consciousness.

In his mind, he had just searched his Sea of Consciousness for signs of any mark with no result. 'If only I could access my [Existence Blueprint] again, I might have discovered something.' He had tried a few times after his perfect foundation with no success. Wang Wei has labeled creating a technique to do so as a long project.

Yu Yan finished the food over a little hour, but Wang Chang was not back. So, she had to use a talisman to preserve the heat and freshness. She looked at her son, slightly distressed. Although she knew he was not in pain, the humiliation and shame must be eating him. Alas, she agreed with her father-in-law after seeing his point of view. Plus, it would be the ultimate disrespect to undermine his authority by helping her son - that's why Wang Tian did not say anything as well.

Four hours after the food was finished, Wang Chang flew from the distance, landing before Wang Wei.

"So?" he asked directly.

"I'm sorry."

"Oh. It seems you're not completely gone."

"That's not fair. I've always been willing to admit when I'm at fault and take responsibility for my actions."

"True," Wang Chang nodded. He knew what kind of man he and his son raised, and as such, he would give some credit. "Are you going to explain yourself?"

Wang Wei sighed, "What can I say? I'm fighting with Grand Dao and feared it would retaliate by affecting your reincarnation. And it seems my behavior has been slipping for quite some time now." He realized almost all his interactions since proving the Dao involved him being a manipulator. From the Emperors of this world to the alliance members, to the Monkey King, Chen Tong and even his friendship with Xu Shi started with impure motives of getting his hands on the Academy.

Besides his family and sect, Wang Wei does not think he had any genuine connection or conversation since he proved the Dao. The scariest part is he slid into that role so naturally and seamlessly that he never noticed a thing. Things might have escalated before he noticed anything if not for going too far and doing so to a family member.

"As expected, things are more complicated when it comes to you," Wang Chang commented.

"Yes, they are," Wang Wei nodded. "And I have to thank you. You may have saved me from a terrible fate, even worse than death."

"Wei'er, is something wrong?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"And you don't have to, but remember, we will help as long it's in our power. Get up." Wang Chang helped him up before leading him to the table. "So, what brought you here? Why did you change your mind and suddenly come to see me?"

"Oh, the daughter-in-law up there promised to protect you, so I came to deliver the good news."

"It's good to have reassurance," Wang Chang nodded calmly. "The better news is she seems to care about you. Now, I don't have to worry about our bloodline stopping with you."

"The fact you were worried is an insult," Wang Wei rolled his eyes.

"What do you want me to do? You said it's either her or no one."

"You're still young. You can make a few more-especially after your reincarnation."

"Don't get too snarky with me so soon. You're not completely out of the gutter yet," Wang Chang warned, so Wang Wei could only stuff the braised pork (from a Tier 9 Demon) into his mouth. His status in the family has never been this low. Even when his grandfather was so mad the first time, his mother doted on him and secretly helped him.

Wang Wei's mouth twitched as he saw his father's smirk on the corner of his eyes. He gritted his teeth as he resisted the urge to make the old man suffer.

"Stop antagonizing our son," Yu Yan smacked Wang Tian on his head.

"I didn't say anything."

"You didn't have to."

Wang Tian could not believe he was in trouble despite not doing anything. Ever since that bastard came into the picture, he became his wife's second favorite person in the world, and he would never forgive him for that.

"This is for you," Wang Wei said as he handed his mother the Superior Yin-Yang Love Flower, and he explained its uniqueness.

"The upper dimension is truly something else," Yu Yan. In a world so vast, anything that would be statistically impossible is bound to happen just by the sheer size and the vast population. The banquet continued, and everyone already guessed it was a parting one.

Midway through, Yan Liling's projection came to say her goodbye. Li Jun could not come or even send a projection. So, he recorded a talisman that said his farewell.

"It's time," Wang Chang said, looking at the moon. He glanced at his grandson: "Is everything prepared?"

"Yes. I've ensured you'll reincarnate in the Wang Clan. I've even allowed you to condense your flesh and bloodline cultivation into a seed to absorb in your next life."

"What about timing?"

"That's out of my control. I tried to ensure it was as close as possible, but I can't say for sure."

"It's fine. Your grandmother?"

"Sorry, I couldn't find her reincarnation."

"Maybe, it's fate," Wang Chang sighed. He walked to his daughter-in-law, hugged and whispered in her ears. "Thank you for everything you've given me. Words are not enough to tell you how much I appreciate you being part of the family."

He hugged Yan Liling and whispered: "I've watched you grow, so I know how great of a woman and person you are. Keep walking forward in your cultivation journey, and keep an eye on Jun'er for me."

"I will."



"I'm sorry our last moments had to be this harsh," Wang Chang started, holding Wang Wei tighter.

"I understand."

"All your achievements and glory are things I could never imagine in my wildest dreams. However, none of that will matter if you lose your true self. Remember those words."

"I will."



Wang Tian leaped into his old man's arms with tears dripping from his eyes. Wang Chang's eyes got moist as well, so he wiped them out. "Raising you into the man you are today is my life's greatest accomplishment. Words alone are not enough to tell you how proud I am."

"Father." Wang Tian could not find the words to say as the sadness was too overwhelming.

"Your mother would have been proud, and I know I can stand straight before her if I ever have the chance."

They hugged and cried for more than two minutes before separating. Wang Chang took one last look at his family and smiled before turning into a rainbow and disappearing into the sky. According to the rules of Heaven and Earth, True Power Dao Realm cultivators can ascend after having the strength compared to Third Class Emperor.

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